Working on Wheels During the Pandemic

Work from Anywhere, Experience True Freedom

The trees, energized by the fresh sunlight and rain, block the morning rays from warming your bedsheets. You can hear a symphony carried out by the birds, who started singing very early, even before dawn. You catch the earthy fragrance of damp dirt and things growing. The unforgettable mornings of life on the road.

Surely, you have spent a few minutes (or if you’re like us, endless hours) dreaming of your life on the road. Yet, as dreamy and ethereal as this vision is, mobile life has a new practicality that has many reaching for the road map.

As the Covid-19 pandemic shut down much of the country, air travel slowed to a sudden halt. Yet, according to Kampgrounds of America Inc, a large portion of RV, van, and trailer-owners said that their existing travel plans remained unchanged (41%) or were simply postponed (13%). In fact, the Wall Street Journal published “RV Vacations: The Safest Way to Travel,” a few months ago, showing a strong demand for Americans to purchase campers, vans, and motorhomes for travel and work.

Although you’ve considered traveling in a trailer or van… what about working on the road?

Remote Workers, Rejoice!

Before the pandemic, 31% of people wanted to work from home at least 1 day per week. After getting a taste of the good life (and learning that pajamas make surprisingly great work attire), that number has risen to 76%.

And, it’s not just employees who are craving more days in the home office! Employers are on board for this new reality, too.

Companies are expecting approximately 40% of employees to utilize a remote working model in the future. In fact, many companies are ditching the office completely and are shifting entirely to remote work. Say hello to more work-life balance, flexibility, and best of all, no commute time! With this huge shift in mindset, life, travel, and work can coexist like never before.

Working From The Road

Work, life, travel are not opposites, but rather, can exist in complete harmony.

Our favorite solution? A mobile office.

Whether stationary or on the road, working from a trailer is a one-way ticket to flexibility, curiosity, and control. You want to work from your driveway? Perfect. You had a spontaneous idea to wake up in the next town over? Sure, why not! You’re dreaming of working with a view of Big Sur’s rugged coastline? See ya there!

But first, let’s talk to a couple who has truly lived out this vision.

Meet the Sandberg’s

“We’re calling it the Covid Camper.” Pam Sandberg and her husband, Jeff, customized a 35-foot motorhome in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Daily Herald reported that at the ages of 69, both Pam and Jeff saw trip after trip get canceled and knew airports and cruise ships were no longer an option. But, with a nomadic spirit and a vision, dreams quickly became reality. Within weeks, this adventure-living couple hit the road in their newly customized motorhome. After all, they knew that life on wheels would be the best way to work remotely and travel safely for the foreseeable future. A motorhome was the perfect compromise.

“The next few years are going to be kind of shaky,” Pam Sandberg added, “Now, we can all get together and go somewhere, drive to Florida, and do some of the things we’ve talked about without having to risk everybody.”

Turn “What If” Into Reality:

Ready to turn your “what if” into countless unforgettable memories? Contact our team to see how we can design and build a custom van or RV to fit your every need. Each project is delicately designed by a licensed architect, built with sustainable and healthy materials, and finished with safety and quality in mind. Happy travels!