How to Avoid a Lengthy Building Permit Process with a Mobile Business

So you're ready to open business and have discovered that remodeling a space to suit your needs will require a lengthy and expensive permit process. In most California cities, the process of drawing plans and obtaining a permit typically takes about 6-12 months. The process triggers code upgrades that have nothing to do with your business' space requirements, and sometimes, it may not even be possible to get a permit for an additional space. Businesses designed within a vehicle, whether in a trailer, bus, or van, are built to RV codes so they don’t require a building permit. They can legally be parked anywhere an RV can be parked. They can be fully self-contained so you don’t need any external utilities. Most importantly, they can be delivered in about 4 months for much less than the cost of hiring an architect, paying city fees, then hiring a contractor. Even if you don't plan to travel with your vehicle, a deck and patio can be placed around it to make it look permanent. It's the best of both worlds.