I just finished the book, The Art of Learning, by the world chess and tai chi champion that the movie "Searching for Bobby Fisher" was about. The author of the book is amazingly brilliant. While reading this book, I also attended a lecture by the physicist Lisa Randall and understood perhaps 50% of her lecture. It's difficult not to compare myself with these people and others and feel like I’m not making enough of a difference in this world. Yet, I need to remind myself that we are all part of the same organism. We are like swirling particles within a larger consciousness, and we can trade places, collide, unite, come apart again, etc. We are each a tiny cell of a large universe which is trying to know itself, evolving and learning THROUGH US. Most of us do make a difference in this grand process even if it's difficult to realize at times. Like a butterfly whose fluttering wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world, our choices can affect the course of history. This takes some of the pressure off. I've always felt a restlessness to do something significant with my life, and been stressed that time was running out. Today, a friend of mine told me that I make a huge impact in his life. Making a difference in the lives of friends and loved ones is enough. It's only my ego that wants more. Let's simply have fun.