For years, mobile office trailers came in one flavor: ugly grey boxes. Most of them sat on construction sites or had another temporary use. A new era is upon us. Millennials and retirees alike are seeking simpler lives with more freedom and choosing to live in "tiny homes on wheels". The tiny home trend is now making its way into the business world. Many business owners are giving up their expensive office leases to take their services on the road. And they want to not only distinguish themselves with an attractive structure that represents their brand, but they also want a functional and beautiful interior space that they and their clients can enjoy. There aren't many designers or builders creating these custom "tiny businesses on wheels" yet, but Santa Barbara architect, Elisa Garcia, is leading the way with her company Zen Den. Because of her 30 years as an architect on commercial projects, Elisa's experience is unique in the tiny house industry. Not only are most tiny houses not designed by architects, they aren't designed by architects who are branding experts. Elisa wants to encourage entrepreneurship. It's easier to start and maintain a small business when there's no expensive lease or building permits needed for an office build-out. A business on wheels is relatively easy and fast to build compared to a traditional building. Moreover, in this Amazon economy, customers these days want everything from their groceries to their paper towels to their psychotherapy delivered to them. Zen Den recently sold one of it's units to a psychotherapist in rural northern California who gave up her office space to take her services to her clients, many of which are elderly.

Larger corporations, too, are jumping on the tiny house bandwagon, and creating an experience for customers through custom-designed, branded tiny houses on wheels that connect their customers with their brand. They're taking their shops and businesses on tour across the U.S. or even across town to attract new customers, and get a feel for what locations and design concepts might be right for building a permanent store, bank, or office.

There's been a lot of talk about the mobile economy in the past 10 years, and this concept takes mobile to the next level.